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Learning a ton from these neat arctiles.
Hi,I have had my phone since July and since then I have been having sgihlt problems with my network. Calls get cut, calls can't come through and what makes it worse, is that I have the BIS (BlackBerry Internet Services). Everything is delayed and this does not help me one bit. This is happening frequently now and quite irritating! Then there is the fact of me receiving a sms this morning stating my account has been handed over to the Bureau. I obviously thought what on earth !!!!!! I contacted the lawyers that my account was handed over too. He then advised that my debit order for my cellphone contract has not been going through and there is an outstanding balance. This I thought was very strange as there is always money in that account, so how can I owe anything???!! I then came to the conclusion that there was absolutely NO debit orders going off. I questioned why and tried calling the Call Centre to have a chat with one of the consultants but no such luck as I was on hold for a total of 25 minutes (please be advised that this was not the first time that I called the Call Centre but no different to the other times). If you are running short of staff, please see that you employ more staff as this is putrid service. I honestly see myself changing my network provider again as this is pathetic service.Regards,An unhappy client
Hi LaurenWe are truly sorry to hear of the distress and uphanpiness that you are experiencing with regards to your 8ta Blackberry service. Also, to hear that dealing with the 8ta Call Centre is been such an unpleasant experience upsets us greatly as well.Sadly though, other than sympathise with your plight, there's really nothing much that we can do about it at all. You see, contrary to the popular opinion in this posts' comment thread, The BlaBla Blog has absolutely nothing to do with 8ta at all. Nada. Zilch. Zip. Zero. You may not have noticed this particular bit of information which we've noted in a number of places on this page, but considering your obvious level of uphanpiness, this oversight is understandable.We really wish we could help you out, but we can't do anymore than recommend that you visit the links that you'll find in the post and the comments and see if you can get through to anyone that way.An additional thought is to possibly also join the forum at MyBroadBand where you'll find a section dedicated to 8ta ( From that area of the site I've found a member called 8ta Rep who seems to respond to all queries there with a standard message:Please email your 8ta number, contact number and ID to . We would like to investigate. Maybe you want to use that avenue in an effort to address your problems?Pleae do come back and let us know if you come right, and how you managed to solve things with 8ta it seems that there a number of concerned customers out there
I'm impressed. You've relaly raised the bar with that.
Installation is possible only from a root' ssoeisn because the guest' account is customized during installation.Proceed as follows:- create the partitions with GParted: 1 (vai 2) ext4 + 1 swap- restart the liveCD- login as root, run the installer from the menu and follow the messages on the screen.
Ministry of Truth
Paldies, puiši! Latvijai ir nākotne!
No question this is the place to get this info, thnaks y'all.
Prieks par tādiem puišiem, kas nepalika vienaldzigi !!!!!! Paldies Jums!!!!! Kaut butu vairāk nevienaldzigu cilveku...mums klātos daudz,daudz labak..:) Veiksmi Jums !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Malači puiši, Latvijas lepnums- izglāba cūku...
Well, vismaz cūku izglāba. Tevi gan neglābtu :)
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Nu tiešām - nav tik ļauni, varētu biežāk par tādām lietām rakstīt. Malači puiši!
Ivars Graudums
Patiesi! Izlasiiju shoriit Dienas portaalaa kautko pavisam jauku! Tad jau tik ljauni Latvijaa nevar buut!
JAUKI zēni !
Visu cieņu šiem jaunajiem puišiem!


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